Investor relations

PKO Bank Polski SA maintains regular contact with investors and financial market analysts. For investors and analysts, the main purpose of contact with the Bank’s representatives is to receive answers to their questions concerning the Bank’s operations in a broad sense, its financial results and the situation in the banking sector. The Bank allows various forms of contact preferred by the investors and analysts.

The main goals of investor relations

In 2016, the Bank’s investor relation activities focused on the following areas:

  • strengthening a positive image of PKO Bank Polski SA as a reliable and transparent company among the existing and potential investors, financial market analysts and rating agencies, through the use of various market communication tools,
  • providing exhaustive information on the Bank’s financial results and activities, including changes in the market environment, in order to allow a reliable assessment of the Bank’s current situation and perspectives, as well as the correct valuation of its shares,
  • fulfilling the information duties of the Company as an issuer of securities, as required by the law,
  • organizing the General Shareholders’ Meeting and providing information to the Bank’s shareholders,
  • ensuring the Bank’s cooperation with appropriate governmental bodies, organizations and capital market institutions in connection with the Bank’s presence on the public securities market,
  • adjusting its internal regulations to the MAR Regulation, which regulates the information obligations of public companies.

Activities in 2016

As part of market communication in 2016:

  • after each quarter end, the Bank’s and the Group’s financial performance was presented by the Bank’s Management Board in a meeting with capital market and debt securities analysts, organized on the Bank’s premises, and during teleconferences in which ca. 65 analysts and representatives of investors participated each time,
  • Management Board members and key managers regularly participated in meetings (and conference calls) with investors and analysts, both on the Bank’s premises and during investor conferences; in 2016, there were approx. 60 meetings at the Bank and approx. 90 conference calls; additionally, the members of the Bank’s Management Board answered the investors’ questions during investor conferences organized both in Poland and abroad. In total, approx. 120 meetings took place in 2016 during 13 investor conferences organized in: the Czech Republic (one conference), France (one conference), Poland (three conferences), the United States (three conferences) and the UK (five conferences),
  • the Investor Relations Office maintained on-going contacts with analysts and investors, both corporate and individual, by answering many questions asked by telephone or e-mail and relating to business operations and financial performance of PKO Bank Polski SA,
  • all information significant for the Bank’s investors and shareholders was promptly published on the Investor Relations website; the website was modified further in 2016 - new user-friendly functionalities were introduced, including a portal available in RWD technology, which allows the automatic adjustment of the page view to the device on which it is displayed,
  • in 2016, the Bank again provided its online annual report for 2015 in the form of a dedicated website in two language versions: Polish and English ( The annual report published in the form of a separate website fulfils the Bank’s needs in the area of information and image: above all, it makes it easier to find key financial and business information on the PKO Bank Polski SA Group, which is provided in a user-friendly form,
  • in 2016, the Bank followed the internal Information Policy Rules of PKO Bank Polski SA adopted by Management Board in December 2014 in contacts with investors and customers. In particular, the Rules define the scope and manner of communication, including communication channels and competencies in the area of information activities. In August 2016, the information policy was amended in order to adjust it to the provisions of the MAR, which regulates the information obligations of public companies.

Evaluation of investor relation activities

In 2016, for the fourth time in a row, PKO Bank Polski SA received ‘The Best of The Best’ award in the competition for the best annual report organized by Instytut Rachunkowości i Podatków (Accounting and Tax Institute). The award is granted for high quality of financial reporting. The completeness, consistency, clear and logical presentation of data were recognized.

In accordance with the ‘Survey of analysts’ satisfaction with cooperation with PKO Bank Polski conducted by Partner in Business Strategies, analysts value their cooperation with the Bank very highly. 94% of the respondents expressed positive opinions. The following elements of this cooperation received the highest evaluations: technical value of presentation for analysts and investors - 88% of positive evaluations, and the technical skills of the employees who contacted the analysts - 82%.