37.Other liabilities

Accounting policies

Liabilities included in this item are measured at amounts due which cover potential interest on the liabilities, and the accrual for future payments in reliably estimated, justified amounts necessary to meet the present obligation as at the end of the reporting period. Non-financial liabilities are measured in accordance with the measurement policies binding for particular liability categories recognised in this item.

Financial information

Accounts payable573.2658.2
Deferred income588.9501.1
Liability due to tax on certain financial institutions76.7-
Other liabilities:2 748.32 196.9
interbank settlements813.1245.4
liabilities relating to investment activities and internal operations255.6141.8
liabilities due to suppliers206.0242.6
liabilities and settlements due to securities turnover209.7484.9
financial instruments settlements355.4135.6
social and legal settlements98.5103.2
liabilities arising from foreign currency activities217.3198.6
liabilities related to the purchase of plant and machinery and materials, labour and services relating to the construction of fixed assets and investment activities94.4141.9
liabilities related to payment cards111.411.5
liabilities due to insurance companies146.322.3
liabilities of the Brokerage House due to share subscription-306.5
Total 3 987.1 3 356.2
of which financial liabilities3 059.12 282.8

As at 31 December 2016 and as at 31 December 2015, the Group had no overdue contractual liabilities.