32. Amounts due to banks

Accounting policies

Amounts due to banks constitute financial liabilities measured at amortized cost using effective interest rate method. In case of financial liabilities for which it is not possible to estimate the schedule of future cash flows and the effective interest rate, they are measured at amount due.

This item also includes sell-buy-back transactions with a repurchase or resale clause specifying a contractual date and price. Securities subject to sell-buy-back transactions are not derecognised from the statement of financial position and are measured at the terms and conditions specified for particular securities portfolios. The difference between the sale price and the repurchase price is recognised as interest expense, as appropriate, and it is settled over the term of the contract using the effective interest rate.

Financial information

Loans and advances received*17 566.916 418.1
Bank deposits800.31 168.4
Amounts due from repurchase agreements205.9197.0
Current accounts592.9473.8
Other money market deposits42.431.5
Total 19 208.4 18 288.8

* Financing of the loan portfolio acquired in merger transaction with Nordea Bank Polska