31.Other assets

Accounting policies

Financial assets recognised in this item are measured at the amount due which also includes potential interest on those assets, less impairment allowances. Non-financial assets are measured in accordance with the measurement policies binding for particular asset categories recognised in this item.

Financial information

Other assets31.12.201631.12.2015
Settlements of payment cards transactions1 235.6384.3
Settlements of financial instruments382.2178.7
Cash settlement receivables125.1120.3
Receivables and settlements of securities turnover79.517.4
Assets for sale178.5178.1
Trade receivables172.6150.0
VAT receivables102.180.2
Reinsurance receivables377.2-
Total 3 033.5 1 410.9
of which financial assets2 247.1875.2

Other financial assets - the Group’s exposure to credit risk31.12.201631.12.2015
not impaired, of which:2 246.7875.0
not past due2 234.9868.2
past due11.86.8
Gross total 2 354.2 983.3
Impairment allowances(107.1)(108.1)
Net total by carrying amount 2 247.1 875.2

Management of foreclosed collateral– item ‘assets for sale’

Foreclosed collaterals as a result of restructuring or debt collection activities are either designated for sale or used by the Group for internal purposes. Details of the foreclosed assets are analysed in order to determine whether they can be used by the Group for internal purposes. All of the assets foreclosed as a result of restructuring and debt collection activities in the years ended 31 December 2016 and 31 December 2015, respectively, were designated for sale. Activities undertaken by the Group are aimed at selling assets as soon as possible. Primary procedure for sale of assets is open tender. In justified cases, the sale follows different procedure dependent on the specifics of the sold property.