21. Trading assets excluding derivative financial instruments

Accounting policies

The Group classifies to this category financial instruments acquired or drawn mainly for the purpose of sale or redemption in the short term, the Group’s so-called trading portfolio and instruments in the portfolio of the Brokerage House. They are measured at fair value, both on initial recognition and on subsequent valuation, and the effects of the valuation are recognised in profit or loss. The Group also recognises derivative financial instruments as trading assets (presented in a separate note), excluding derivatives classified as cash flow hedges.

Financial information

TRADING ASSETS31.12.201631.12.2015
Debt securities311.6766.7
Treasury bonds PLN186.2640.0
foreign currency treasury bonds5.98.7
municipal bonds PLN41.548.6
corporate bonds PLN75.769.3
foreign currency corporate bonds2.30.1
Shares in other entities – listed on stock exchange11.39.9
Investment certificates, rights to shares, pre-emptive rights3.56.6
Total 326.4 783.2

up to 1 month20.1188.8
3 months - 1 year65.2277.0
1 - 5 years114.3151.4
over 5 years112.0149.5
Total 311.6 766.7