20. Amounts due from banks

Accounting policies

Amounts due from banks comprise financial assets measured at amortized cost using the effective interest rate method, less potential impairment allowances, with the exception of cash in transit which is measured at nominal value. If no future cash flow schedule can be determined for a financial receivable measured at amortized cost, and thus the effective interest rate cannot be determined, the receivable is measured at the amount due.

Buy-sell-back securities are recognised as amounts due from banks, if the counterparty is a bank entity. Receivables due from repurchase agreements are measured at amortized cost. The difference between the buy and repurchase (sell) price is treated as interest income and settled over the period of the contract using the effective interest rate.

Financial information

AMOUNTS DUE FROM BANKS31.12.201631.12.2015
Deposits with banks3 846.52 484.5
Current accounts783.9951.5
Loans and advances granted50.4134.2
Receivables due from repurchase agreements661.2980.6
Cash in transit3.62.6
Gross total 5 345.6 4 553.4
Impairment allowances on receivables(0.2)(0.4)
Net total 5 345.4 4 553.0

Amounts due from banks - the Group's exposure to credit riskExposure
Amounts due from banks impaired, of which:0.20.5
assessed on an individual basis0.20.1
Amounts due from banks not impaired, not past due5 345.44 552.9
Gross total 5 345.6 4 553.4
Impairment allowances(0.2)(0.4)
Net total by carrying amount 5 345.4 4 553.0