Glossary beginning with I


the International Accounting Standards


the International Accounting Standards Board

IBNR (incurred but not reported)

a collective method for assessment of the impairment of credit exposures


the International Financial Reporting Standards

Individual position for a specific foreign currency (the currency position)

the difference between total assets in a currency, off-balance sheet liabilities received and assets indexed to that currency on the one hand, and total liabilities in that currency, off-balance sheet liabilities awarded and liabilities indexed to that currency on the other hand

Insurance risk

the risk of loss or unfavourable change of value of insurance liabilities due to inadequate assumptions regarding valuation and creation of provisions (technical and settlement provisions in particular)

Interest rate risk

risk of loss on the Bank’s balance sheet and off-balance sheet items sensitive to interest rate changes, resulting from unfavourable interest rate changes on the market

Internal capital

an amount of capital, assessed by the Bank that is required to cover all identified significant types of risk present in the Bank’s business activity and the effect of changes in its business environment, taking into account the anticipated risk level

IRB (Internal Ratings Based Approach)

an internal ratings method used to determine the capital requirement for credit risk

IRS (Interest Rate Swap)

a transaction involving a swap of interest rates


the International Swap and Derivatives Association


the International Securities Market Association