In 2016 PKO Bank Polski SA Group was awarded numerous prizes and awards. We have been recognized for innovative products and services, excellent customer service, management staff of the Bank, excellent financial results and the overall business of the Group.

Dynamic development and excellent financial results
200 Greatest Polish Firms 2015PKO Bank Polski SA was awarded in the second edition of the Weekly ‘Wprost’ ranking of 200 the greatest polish firms. Position in the ranking was determined by sales revenue induced in the previous year. With the revenue amounting to circa PLN 15 billion PKO Bank Polski SA was the 1st amongst banks in the ranking and preserved last year’s 8th position in the whole ranking.
50 largest banks in Poland  PKO Bank Polski SA won, in another consecutive year, the ranking of the Financial Monthly BANK - ‘50 largest banks in Poland.’ The Bank was the best in terms of total assets, which last year amounted to nearly PLN 267 billion. In this year's 21st edition of the ranking the Bank got a prize in the category Consumer Finance. Moreover, Adam Marciniak, the Director of the Development and Maintenance Application Division, was honoured with the title of ‘Banking Market Innovator 2015’. The ranking is prepared by independent market analysts based on financial data of banks for the previous year.
Stars of Banking 2016  In the second edition of ‘Stars of Banking’ ranking created by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna PKO Bank Polski SA was awarded with the second place prize for business structure standing out in terms of loans and deposits. In 2015 loans granted to the Bank’s customers increased by 6.1 percent, to PLN 190.4 billion, and the value of deposits to PLN 195.8 billion, i.e. by 12.3%. The ranking was evaluating development pace, profitability and efficiency as well and business structure and levels of innovation. Ranking methodology was developed in collaboration with PwC Advisory Poland.
Book of ListsAccording to the Book of Lists 2016/2017 ranking prepared by the ‘Warsaw Business Journal’ magazine, PKO Bank Polski SA and the Brokerage Office came first in the Book of Lists 2016/2017 ranking. Once again they were best in the following categories: banks in Poland and brokerage houses. The Book of Lists is the largest and most long-lasting ranking on the Polish market which presents the best companies from various business sectors in Poland. Each year it awards the best, largest and most dynamic enterprises.
Pearls of the Polish economyIn the fourteenth edition of the ranking of Polish enterprises PKO Bank Polski SA earned the title of Pearl of the Polish Economy in the category ‘pearls of the financial sector’. It was awarded for consistent pursuit of its strategy, dynamic development and strengthening its lead position. The ranking was prepared by the ‘Polish Market’ in collaboration with the Warsaw School of Economics. The effectiveness and growth dynamics of enterprises are decisive for the place of a company in this ranking.
Bank of the Year according to the monthly ‘The Banker’  For the fourth time, PKO Bank Polski SA was honoured with the ‘Bank of the Year in Poland’ award. The strengthening of the lead market position of the Bank and significant improvement in the quality of the credit portfolio were appreciated, as well as its maintaining high operating effectiveness, robust liquidity and strengthening of the capital strength. This prestigious award in the financial industry confirms that the Polish Bank’s effective strategy is also appreciated abroad. The ‘Bank of the Year’ competition is organized each year by the monthly ‘The Banker’ which is owned by ‘The Financial Times’. The magazine analyses the financial results of banks, their development strategies and projects completed in particular years in the context of the position of the financial sector of a given country.
Golden Laurel in the ‘Super Biznes’ competition  In the third edition of the competition organized by ‘Super Ekspres’ PKO Bank Polski SA earned the ‘Super Biznes’ Golden Laurel Award in the banking and finance category. The jury also appreciated the Bank’s dynamic development, its activity in developing mobile and internet banking, and commitment to developing the e-state. The Bank’s market position and constant progress and expanding the areas of operation also gained recognition, e.g. establishment of PKO Bank Hipoteczny SA. The ‘Super Business’ Golden Laurel competition is organized by the editors of ‘Super Biznes’ a business supplement to the ‘Super Express’ daily, in cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Commerce, Business Center Club and the Employers of the Republic of Poland.
Actions awarded in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Ethical Company 2015PKO Bank Polski SA in the second edition of the ‘Ethical Company’ was awarded for responsibility and organizational culture. This distinction is granted to companies that comprehensively and systematically carry out activities to build and enhance an organizational culture based on ethics and values in the most comprehensive and systemic way, showing the highest activity in this area compared to other companies in Poland. The competition is organized by ‘Puls Biznesu’ with substantial support of PwC Poland, responsible for controlling the audit of processes and procedures of participants.  
Odpowiadam PolsceThe journalists of ‘Gazeta Bankowa’ distinguished PKO Bank Polski SA in the Ranking of Socially Responsible Companies ‘Odpowiadam Polsce’ in Health and Society for popularizing the idea of blood donation as part of the Bank since 2009. Banking shares Honorary Blood Donation. The ‘Odpowiadam Polsce’ Ranking is a new initiative, in which the jury distinguished projects that support the development of the country. For the jury also the scale of commitment was important - in the winning projects employees of the winning companies were actively involved.  
The Best Annual Report  For the fourth time already the Annual Report of PKO Bank Polski SA was honoured with the special award ‘The Best of The Best’ in the competition for The Best Annual Report organized by the Institute of Accounting and Taxation. This award is proof of professionalism. The Competition’s jury recognized the high quality of financial reporting and its image value. The completeness, consistency and clear and logical presentation of data gained recognition. In 2016 PKO Bank Polski SA issued the Social Report for 2015, which apart for business information presents actions conducted by the Bank in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility.  
The Best Employer 2016  PKO Bank Polski SA was found to be one of 25 Best Employers in 2016, according to the ranking conducted by ‘Gazeta Finansowa’. The Best Employer title is awarded to companies which above all care for a good working atmosphere, the development of employees and satisfaction level. The Bank was awarded for comprehensive actions aimed at the construction of an attractive work environment and career development, and facilitating achieving the professional/private life balance, addressed to employees, and for activity on the external labour market.  
Reliable Employer of 2015  Zbigniew Jagiełło, President of the Management Board of PKO Bank Polski SA was awarded in the XIII edition of the national contest organized within the framework of the Programme of Reliable Employer of the 2015 for effective personnel policy of the Bank, which is reflected in the quality of our products and services. Especially appreciated was the modernization of the structure of HR in a large and stable organization in a manner corresponding to the latest global trends and implement a human capital management system SAP. PKO Bank Polski SA was also recognized for actions in the field of CSR: linking business goals with social commitment. The Company was the only financial institution which received two awards.  
PKO Bank Polski SA, the Ideal Employer  In the 8th edition of students’ ranking of the most desirable polish employees Trendence Graduate Barometer 2016 PKO Bank Polski took the 4th position in the category Business improving previous year’s position. The Bank was only outwent by such international giants as Google, Apple and the National Bank of Poland. The position in TOP 100 rendence Graduate Barometer ranking is determined by students’ choice who pick the most wanted employees. In this year’s polish edition there was over 20 thousand students voting from 53 universities, mostly providing business, technical and IT studies.  
CIPS certificate for PKO Bank Polski SAAs the first financial sector firm and the third in Poland, PKO Bank Polski SA received an international certificate confirming the highest procurement process standards. The certificate was awarded to the largest global organization in the procurement industry, the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS). It documents the Bank’s business reliability vis-a-vis its customers and counterparties.  
The Bank recognized for the highest safety standards  PKO Bank Polski SA was awarded in the competition BIG DATA: Think Big CEE in the category of Solution of the Year, for raising the level of security in cyberspace and minimizing the risks to which consumers may be exposed on the network. This is the result of the bank participation in the Microsoft Enterprise Customers Cyber Threat Intelligence Programme (ECCTIP). PKO Bank Polski SA was the first bank in Europe to begin working with Microsoft on the programme ECCTIP. Its aim is to raise the level of security in cyberspace through the exchange of information on potential risks.  
Trustworthy Brand  PKO Bank Polski SA was given the title of ‘Trustworthy Brand 2016’ in the category of loans and advances for enterprises in the ranking of the Monthly ‘My Company Polska’ created by the research institute Millward Brown. Almost 12 percent of the respondents spontaneously indicated the PKO Bank Polski SA brand. The purpose of the survey was determining the brands most trusted by Polish entrepreneurs.  
PKO Bank Polski SA –appreciated educator  Two PKO Bank Polski SA projects were listed in the first ranking in Poland covering 10 projects ‘Educational business activities. List of most significant initiatives’ – School Savings Associations (Szkolne Kasy Oszczędności) and PKO Charity Run (PKO Bieg Charytatywny). From among the 271 initiatives evaluated by the jury 51 advanced to the third level. Five of them were PKO Bank Polski SA’s: SKO, PKO Bieg Charytatywny, educational action #cyberstrażnik (cyberguard), free-of-charge training for entrepreneurs and supporting startups. The final selection of initiatives was made by internet users. The List was made on the initiative of the Responsible Business Forum.  
SKO in the Child & Youth Friendly Banking Award finals  PKO Bank Polski SA became the finalist of the international competition The Global Inclusion Awards 2016. The educational programme which has been conducted by the Bank for over 80 years, the School Savings Association (SKO) became one of the six best initiatives awarded in the category Child & Youth Friendly Banking Award. The international jury recognized the wide scale of the programme (almost 5 thousand schools involved, 6 thousand teachers), the variety and innovativeness of the solutions applied and the constant development of SKO in respect of the educational programmes made available.  
PKO Bank Polski SA – Leader of modern technologies
Most digital bank  The Bank was selected as the most digital bank in the e-Commerce Polska Awards 2016 competition organized by the e-Commerce Chamber (Izba Gospodarki Elektronicznej). PKO Banku Polski’s SA commitment to e-administration, cyber security projects, and to the quality of mobile and electronic banking decided on its being awarded the title. This is a subsequent award for innovativeness, implementing modern technologies and developing solutions which become the model for other financial institutions. The purpose of the e-Commerce Polska Awards is to reward and promote companies which best and most quickly adapt to changes occurring on the modern market. In this year’s edition banks and insurance companies participated for the first time.
eDukat 2016 for contactless payments HCE  The jury of eDukat 2016 4th International Congress of Non-cash Payments awarded the PKO Bank Polski SA in the category: Event of the year of the non-cash world for implementing contactless payments to mobile application HCE IKO. The recognition gained scale, on which users of IKO use this method of transaction and benefit form the convenience and safety solutions. eDukat symbolizes the evolution of money to its electronic form.
Ergonomics of electronic channels ranking  PKO Bank Polski SA was announced the winner of the ergonomics of electronic channels ranking and awarded for the best mobile application. Throughout the audit done by ‘Puls Biznesu’ and very high notes were given to PKO Bank Polski SA electronic channels - IKO i iPKO. Regarding ergonomics, comfort and usability of the main processes with the result of 71.9 points PKO Bank Polski SA has outdistanced its competitors by nearly 10 points. Mobile application IKO was recognized as the best one on the market!
IT Leader 2016PKO Bank Polski SA was a winner in the category of Banking and Finance in the 20th edition of the competition ‘IT Leader’ organized by ‘Computerworld’. The jury recognized the Bank’s project enabling customers filing applications for the ‘Rodzina 500+’ programme and using the Electronic Services Platform (PUE) of the Social Insurance Institute (ZUS).
Leader of 2015  Implemented by PKO Bank Polski SA IT solution adjusting to the Bank requirements of EU Regulation EMIR won in the category ‘Banking and Finance’ in the ‘Gazeta Bankowa’ competition. The aim of this comprehensive software is to reduce credit and operational risk in derivatives market. The Leader 2015 competition identifies companies and financial institutions, which are distinguished by special achievements in the field of modern and innovative technologies.
PKO Bank Polski SA, Partner of the Year 2015  The contest jury of 11th Electronic Economy Convention organized under the auspices of The Polish Bank Association, chosen PKO Bank Polski SA as the Partner of the Year 2015. The victory was earned with the Bank’s involvement and contribution to the sector’s integration around digital economy, support for innovative solutions enabling access to important services and benefits improving comfort of everyday life of millions of Polish citizens.  
The best of Products and services
Złoty Bankier of 2015  In the seventh edition of the ranking of the Złoty Bankier PKO Bank Polski SA won the award in the mortgage category for housing loan ‘Własny Kąt Hipoteczny’. It has been praised for its access to financing also in the case of low own contribution, as well as the conditions for early repayment and promotional reducing the margin in the first year of the contract. Złoty Bankier is the highest ranking assessed banking services and products in Poland. For seven years the Bank determine the direction for Polish banking indicating the best offer on the market. The organizers of the ranking are: and the ‘Puls Biznesu’.  
PKO Bank Polski SA the best bank for individual customer  In the Portfolio contest of ‘Wprost’ the Bank became the winner in one of the main categories – ’Bank for individual customer’. The leader’s position was ensured by modern and transparent product offer, tailored to meet customers’ needs. The purpose of the contest ‘Wprost’ Portfolio is to promote financial institutions with the most attractive offer, new financial products and services on the market as well as to honour leaders of the sector.  
Comperia Stars statuette for ‘WŁASNY KĄT hipoteczny’  The WŁASNY KĄT Hipoteczny mortgage loan offered by PKO Bank Polski SA triumphed in the listing of mortgage loans prepared by the editors of in July. Analysts checked the offers of banks dedicated to those who wish to take out loans of PLN 250 thousand with a 20-year repayment period. The offer of PKO Bank Polski SA proved the most favourable for the selected parameters. This is the third time the Bank’s Kredyt WŁASNY KĄT Hipoteczny loan won the competition this year, and the product also received statuettes in February and June 2016.
The best Contact CenterThe Contact Center of PKO Bank Polski SA declassed its rivals for the tenth time in the cyclic study conducted by ARC Rynek i Opinia (11th time on the podium). The Bank’s helpline earned a total score of 97.1 points, with the average for the market at 82.5. Both its email and telephone contacts were appreciated. The auditors evaluated the availability of the helpline, the quality of the connection and conversation, including politeness, commitment and professionalism of the consultants. In respect of email contacts, the Bank also received maximum scores for the speed of response and competencies and politeness of the staff.
Strong Brand
Superbrands  In the 11th edition of the Superbrands Polska poll, PKO Bank Polski SA, was awarded the Superbrands 2016/17 and Created in Poland Superbrands 2016/17 titles. They attest to the brand’s strength, its reliability and confidence of respective customers in the brand. The winners of the poll are selected by the expert Brands Council consisting of over 50 experts in the area of marketing, research, strategy, branding, advertising and PR, based on the poll conducted by the research institute ARC Rynek i Opinia. Over 15 thousand consumers participated in the poll, and gave their opinions on over 2000 brands.
Leader of TOP Marka ranking  PKO Bank Polski SA is the banking institution most frequently and best described in the media – as follows from the seventh ‘Top Brand’ ranking. It gained the most points for the number and scope of publications. The analysis covered information in the press, on the internet, and in social media. The advertising equivalent for all publications in which references were made to PKO Bank Polski SA proved the highest among the banks and amounted to over PLN 190 million. The purpose of the listing prepared by the ‘Press’ monthly and Press-Service Monitoring Mediów is selecting brands which are the most popular in the press and in the internet media. In the period under analysis – July 2015 - June 2016 – on average during one month approx. 4.2 thousand pieces of information were published about our Bank in the media and on internet portals.
Lamparty  PKO Bank Polski SA was awarded with ‘Lampart 2016’ statuette with the contest for most admired development of banking and insurance branding. It gained appreciation for brand image rejuvenation, consistence and coherent marketing message. In this year’s edition the Bank took the 3rd place. The main idea behind award from Polish research agency TNS is to distinguish those banks and insurance agencies, which most effectively developed their brand during the given year. Winners are selected in TNS Polska survey among the representatives of the banking and insurance industry.
PKO Bank Polski SA, one of the most recognizable and active brands  The Bank was awarded the prize ‘Global Poland’ in the category ‘Polish brand with a tradition that still have a strong tradition’. The aim of the competition was to honour the most recognizable and active in foreign markets Polish brands. Plebiscite ‘Global Poland’ is this year's initiative of monthly management magazine ‘Manager’.
Brokerage activity
Bulls and BearsThe Brokerage House of PKO Bank Polski SA has won the title of ‘Brokerage House of the Year’ in the 22nd edition organized by the newspaper ‘Parkiet’ in the Bulls and Bears competition. The purpose is to honour companies, institutions and people who have most distinguished themselves in the capital market contributing to its development. Last year, the Brokerage House was the most active on the stock market and bonds. It was the leader in terms of number and value of transactions carried out on the capital market. Offer for individual customers expanded to include modern and comfortable tool to invest in foreign markets.
Leader of the nationwide investor surveyDom Maklerski PKO Banku Polskiego SA (the Bank’s Brokerage House) came first in the ranking prepared by the Association of Private Investors (SII) and This is proof of effectiveness in its building the lead position among brokerage houses in Poland. During the past six years the Brokerage House rose in the SII ranking from 13th position to being the leader. It gained top scores in six out of seven categories assessed by the investors in the Nationwide Investors Survey for 2016. It was also the sole brokerage house which scored more than 4 points in all categories. The investors appreciated mainly the professionalism of the staff and the quality of service. The transactional platform, the quality of analyses and the educational offer gained the highest scores.
Awards granted to other entities of the Group
KREDOBANK ranks first in reliability of deposits  KREDOBANK SA, belonging to the PKO Bank Polski SA Group, won in the 15th edition of the ranking of reliability of deposits in Ukraine, prepared by the Ukrainian rating agency ‘Standard-Rating’. During the assessment of reliability of deposits, the Agency’s analysts took into consideration several factors, including the financial results and the dynamics of other indices subject to publication. Sixty-six Ukrainian banks were classified in the ranking.
KREDOBANK wins the ranking of fair taxpayers in the Ukraine KREDOBANK SA topped the ranking of ‘Fair Taxpayers – 2015’ in the Ukraine in the category of ‘financial and insurance activities’ organized among large taxpayers by the Association of Ukraine Taxpayers. The ranking evaluated fiscal discipline, the number of employees and social programmes.
PKO Faktoring SAThe product called ‘faktoring z przejęciem ryzyka i bez przejęcia ryzyka dla Małych i Średnich Przedsiębiorstw’ (‘factoring for SMEs with and without assumption of risk’), offered by PKO Faktoring SA, was recognized by Gazeta Finansowa in the poll for the ‘2016 Best Product for SMEs’.
PKO Leasing SAPKO Ekspres Leasing offered by PKO Leasing SA was distinguished by Gazeta Finansowa in the poll for the ‘Best Business-oriented Product’. 
IKZE from the offer of PKO TFI is best IKZE (an individual pension insurance account) offered as part of the Pension Package by PKO TFI (IKZE+IKE) ranked first in the Ranking of TFI which also offer IKZE in the form of an investment fund prepared by the ‘Rzeczpospolita’ daily. The ranking took into consideration three factors, i.e. the rates of return on investments in four periods, a diversified offer and fees collected from customers.
2nd place for IKE in the PKO TFI offer  IKE offered under the pension package Pakiet Emerytalny PKO TFI (IKE + IKZE) was awarded second place in the ranking organized by Analizy Online research centre. The programme was awarded the highest score, among other things, for its high management effectiveness, the lowest costs among all IKEs, interesting offer and offering the product in a Package which allows customers to also invest in IKZE.